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Total Number of invitations:

First and last names of Bride and Groom:

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Your guest list must be ONE complete printed or typewritten list in alphabetical order, followed by their phone number
(include area code).
List the FULL names of all guests on the invitation,
NOT Mr. and Mrs. John Smith.

example: Smith, John & Mary 606-123-4567
                Williams, David & Judy & Todd 812-123-4539
Yardly, Robert & Mary Smith 513-224-1536
Wilson, Jason & guest 233-2645-7866

One person must respond for the entire invitation.
If you are sending an invitation to a group,
all names must be listed
(10 max.)
Limit 1 group invitation per guestlist.
We do NOT provide call-backs to group invitations.
y o u r  g u e s t  l i s t

You may send a print ready guest list as an Excel or Word attachment* to

Payment of our fee is due with your list, and may be paid by personal check or
money order made out to " RSVPetc . . ."
Remember: Your cost is figured per invitation NOT per guest. If you prefer to pay our fee by credit card, you may do so here.

IMPORTANT information about setting up your guestlist is available here. Please be sure to read!
Or you may call us at:

If  you have entered our site on this page, please enter our main page here
in order to get important guestlist information.
*Lists sent by mail or fax will be an additional charge.