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You're planning every detail of your wedding perfectly. Unfortunately, you'll soon be facing the one detail that you have absolutely no control over . . . your guests.

"The Surprise You BETTER BE READY FOR!"

Brides have very good reasons why they repeatedly vote"managing their guestlist" as THE #1 headache in wedding planning! First of all, it's an extremely frustrating and time-consuming process. But what makes this tedious job even more difficult, is the sad fact that only a small percentage of your guests actually take the time to RSVP anymore! Ask any past bride

"How Your Guests Can DESTROY Your Careful Planning!"

Unfortunately, guests have a million reasons why they don't respond. Usually it's something like “Oh she knows I'll be there", or "I didn't think I had to respond if I wasn't coming". Then there are the guests who don't think that bringing their children, or "a couple of extra people" will be a problem! Unfortunately, when these scenarios are multiplied over and over, it quickly becomes a MAJOR problem!

"Save Yourself Lots of $$ and Eliminate The Problem"

Luckily, we can handle this time-consuming work for you! You won’t have to face the terrible embarrassment of not having enough food or seating because of unexpected guests. And you won't waste money on meals for no-shows. You get an accurate guest count for your caterer, and you'll completely eliminate the unnecessary response cards and postage. You'll save hundreds of $$, and the best part won't have to lift a finger!   

Not only are we able to take care of all this for you, our gracious staff presents your guests with an unbelievably elegant first impression of your upcoming wedding! Your guests will never be greeted by an impersonal automated system!

When it comes to managing your guestlist, no one can come close to what we can do for you...and we do it for LESS than it will cost you to do it yourself!  
Sign up NOW! You have absolutely nothing to lose but the headache!

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    $ave Your Money!
Our service costs LESS than doing it yourself PLUS we do all the tedious work for you! 
See for yourself!
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    Live Service!
We're the ONLY rsvp service providing "live" assistance for your guests 24 hours a day! PLUS we call any guest who does not rsvp on time! >
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    Ultimate Efficiency!
Your own personal Wedding Site that YOU don't have to build.  PLUS you can view your RSVP's online as they come in! >
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