Enjoy the luxury of caring, personal service 24 hours a day  

Your wedding is one of the most intimate and elegant events in your life and we don't detract from the elegance by greeting your guests with automated systems or recordings. Your guests will enjoy being able to chat with our courteous staff about your wedding.

                       Simplicity for you and your guests

Using our service couldn't be easier. Simply put our contact information at the bottom of your invitations.

Your guests will be able to respond to their invitation online at their convenience, or they can speak with one of our cheerful representatives.

You don't have to worry about guests who don't respond. If Uncle John or Aunt Shirley doesn't respond by the date on their invitation, we give them a friendly call.
This assures you of an accurate count for your caterer.* No wasted meal charges! You'll also be able to check your RSVP's online as they come in....anytime you choose. You don't have to call us, or wait for us to send you an update which means you can get a head start on making your seating arrangements and placecards!

           Need more personalized service? NO PROBLEM

We tailor or services specifically to your needs.

Want us to inform your guests of anything special . . . such as an "adult only" wedding? We'll be happy to. Need us to limit "uninvited" guests or give hotel accommodations, or registry information? We're glad to do it!
Whatever special instructions you have, we'll take care of them, and unlike other services, there is no extra charge.  

We also provide you with an interactive wedding site filled with wedding information for your guests at NO CHARGE! 
And don't worry, we have your best interests in mind there too...you won't have to waste your valuable time setting up your pages as some sites require...WE DO IT FOR YOU.
We don't waste a single moment of your precious time!!

This couldn't be easier! You can relax, save money, and know that your guest list is under our special care. It doesn't get any better or easier than this! Don't wait another moment... reserve your wedding date right here.

Don't forget... you could receive our services FREE! Enter your name now in our monthly drawing here.

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"I just want to thank both you and Kelly once more...you are absolute lifesavers!!! Your patience and kindness IMMEDIATELY put my mind at ease! Not only are you less expensive than the other services that I attempted to use for my rsvp's, but you are so much more reliable, which was evident the moment I logged on to speak with Kelly! And I am just so impressed that all my friends and family will get to speak one-to-one with some very sweet woman vs pressing "1" on their touch-tone phone! I just can't express how GREAT it feels to not only get something checked off my "wedding-to-do-list", but to just know that I will not have to be concerned with he rsvp's at all. I know they're in good hands!"

Cherish Spycher
* We make up to three attempts to either leave a reminder message, or to speak with your guests personally. Most guests are courteous, but we are not responsible for any guest who does not to respond to your invitation or our calls.

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