The figures below compare the costs of the
method vs. using RSVPetc... 


Surprising waste of money isn't it? Most brides don't realize the costs involved until the money has already been spent. These figures are based on a medium sized wedding of 100 invitations.

Our cost comparison is very conservative. The cost of the meals are only a mid-range per plate cost, and remember, in addition to these costs, you will also be paying for the long distance charges to call out-of-town guests who don't RSVP on time. We save our brides $700 - $1000 on an average sized wedding PLUS we do all the work for you! Amazing isn't it!

                                Dramatically slash your wedding costs

Think about it . . .Why spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars trying to manage your guest list yourself when you don't have to? Which way makes more sense?

                    "I wanted to drop a note to thank you for
                               the help you provided for our wedding.
                              This was such change from my sisters
                               wedding last year. Working full time left
                               me with very little time to spare and you
                               eliminated the headaches associated with
                               guest list problems that I remember from my
                               sisters wedding. I'll be sure to recommend
                               your service as the absolute best way to save
                               your sanity while planning a wedding.
                               You're worth your weight in gold!"
                                                                                      Misty Tolin

No matter what size wedding you're planning - you'll save yourself all the headaches, AND an awful lot of money!

Ready to get started? Just reserve your wedding date here or give us a call and we'll reserve your date right on the phone. A $25 deposit* is all it takes to reserve your date. What could be easier?
You can reach us at 1-866-RSVPetc.anytime, day or night.

You can figure the cost of our service right here. If you're planning a larger wedding, just give us a call and we'll be happy to give you the cost over the phone. Remember . . . only count the number of invitations you are sending out, NOT the number of guests . . . there's a BIG difference!

(Fee goes up $50 for each increment of 50 inviations)

The $25 deposit is NOT part of the fee
. It is not deductible from the fee, and it is not refundable once your wedding page and database have been set-up.
Payment of our fee is due along with your guestlist.** There are NO additional fees.

Our fee includes:

A website personalized for your wedding

A password protected list of your guests. You can watch your RSVP's right as they come in!

Atoll-free number with LIVE staff to take care of your guests 24 hours a day!

Reminder calls to any guest who does not respond!

Experience counts when it comes to your wedding!
We do it ALL...we do it BETTER...and we do it for LESS !

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** $25 deposit is non-returnable and non-deductible.
RSVPetc is not responsible for costs or damages that occur as a result of cancellation of our services.
RSVPetc reserves the right to cancel our services at any time if we are not provided with a correctly formatted guestlist and/or our fee has not been paid.