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With the hectic schedules of today's busy brides and wedding costs soaring to an all-time high, it's not surprising that the use of RSVP services has spread like wildfire!

For the past 20 years our greatest joy has been helping brides like you simplify wedding plans, save a great deal of money, and most importantly, we make sure your wedding turns out exactly as you plan!

We decided to do things a little differently!

One thing you should know, the service we provide is unlike any you've seen before. You see we started with the features of other rsvp services... eliminated what didn't work for the brides.... kept what did, and then we added features that will make managing your guestlist a breeze.

How well did we do? Well, I could tell you why we're the most sought after rsvp service among brides today, but instead, I'll let one of our couples tell you.

Our Unique Approach

The biggest complaint we hear from brides who have looked into rsvp services is the lack of "personal" service...everyone uses cold, impersonal answering machines. Not only is this confusing for your older guests, it doesn't allow your guests to ask questions, and it certainly doesn't leave a very elegant first impression of your wedding. RSVPetc is different...

First, your guests will not be subjected to responding by machines. Our warm and friendly staff is here 24 hours a day, whenever your guests find time to call...just like you'd be if you had the time. But it doesn't stop there! We provide you with everything you'll need to make managing your guestlist a snap:

  • 24hr "live" personal care for your guests
  • your rsvp's are posted online immediately
  • a convenient toll-free number for your guests
  • Personal Wedding Site including pictures
  • calls placed to guests who do not rsvp
  • guests conveniently rsvp online, or by phone
  • all wedding information provided to guests
  • "sensitive" details tactfully given to guests

We tailor our service to fit your needs and make this tedious chore incredibly easy for you! Simply put our contact information on your invitations and we take care of everything else.
You, won't have to lift a finger!

Just think, You'll
have your guests personally greeted by our courteous staff...or an interactive wedding site that you won't have to build...and the ability to watch your rsvp's as they come in.
All this for less than any other service, and less than you'll spend on postage!!

But that's not all. It get's even better!

Not only will you be able to completely eliminate worry about your guestlist, you'll save a GREAT DEAL of money at the same time! In fact, it will cost you MUCH less to use our service than it will cost you to do it yourself! GUARANTEED! You can forget about:

We've thought of everything so you won't have to! You won't waste one dime on unnecessary charges.

Getting started is easy!

Our fee is FAR below what you'll spend if you tried to do this yourself....but here's what's really important. You can relax knowing that your guestlist is in our special care so there won't be any "surprises" at your wedding.

Our service is absolutely the best bargain and the best investment you could make for your wedding...hands down! Hundreds of brides have thought so including Miss Ohio America, Cheya Watkins and everybody's favorite Good Morning America bride, Sandy Bass.... take a look

It's simple to get started:

                    Click here now to Reserve Your Date

                Call us toll-free at 1-866-RSVPetc

Don't leave your wedding to chance. Incorrect counts mean a great deal of wasted money and unexpected surprises on the most important day of your life. Don't take a chance that your wedding will be anything less than you've dreamed it would be. Reserve your date right now. Then relax, and have fun making all your other wedding plans!

P.S. By acting right now you'll be assured that your date will be reserved. Because our staff takes care of your guests personally, we only accept a limited number of weddings per month and those dates fill very quickly. A small deposit is all it takes to make sure your date is available when the time comes! Click here to reserve your date !