A  f e w  w o r d s  f r o m  o u r   b r i d e s . . .
"I just want to thank both you and Kelly once more...you are absolute lifesavers!!! Your patience and kindness IMMEDIATELY put my mind at ease! Not only are you less expensive than the other services that I attempted to use for my rsvp's, but you are so much more reliable, which was evident the moment I logged on to speak with Kelly! And I am just so impressed that all my friends and family will get to speak one-to-one with some very sweet woman vs pressing "1" on their touch-tone phone! I just can't express how GREAT it feels to not only get something checked off my "wedding-to-do-list", but to just know that I will not have to be concerned with the rsvp's at all. . know they're in good hands!"

Cherish Spycher
February 16. 2002

"If there was ever a "must have" for every bride, using your RSVP service is it! It's been years since I was a bride, but I still remember the mess we had with guests who brought dates that we hadn't planned on. I wish you would have been around in my day, but I'm glad my daughter was able to take advantage of your wonderful RSVP service. My husband and I were thrilled with the amount of money we saved and you made handling the guest list a breeze. Brides today are really lucky to have a service like this available. Many thanks."

Kathy Listermann
January 23, 2005

"We have really enjoyed working with your service for our wedding. Your sevice has saved us so much time but most of all thank you for your professionalism, dependability, advice and words of wisdom and kindness. I cannot tell you how many of my guests were also very much pleased and impresseed with the service as wwell. If I ever host anything in the future or know of someone who is in need of your service, I will definitely recommend them to you. Thank you again.

Christina Houston and Steven Stanley
March 2, 2002

"I wanted to drop a note to thank you for the help you provided for our wedding. This was such a change from my sisters wedding last year. Working full time left me with very little time to spare and you eliminated the headaches associated with guest list problems that I remember from my sitsters wedding. I'll be sure to recommend your service as the absolute best way to save your sanity while planning a wedding . You're worth your weight in gold"!

Misty Tolin
May 11. 2001
Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!
Heather and I were a little hesitant at first, because we never heard of a service like this. Boy am I glad we took the chance!! Our guests were SO impressed, and I can't believe how easy you made everything for us. It was so much fun watching our rsvps come in online, and no one brought extra guests like we were worried about. We are so appreciative of the help you gave us. I'll be sending everyone I know who is planning a wedding. Thank you so much!

James Hover
April 16, 2005

I cannot thank you enough for everything you and your staff did to make my wedding so beautiful! I had heard so many negative things about the automated rsvp services, at first I was afraid to use you for our wedding, but I can honestly say that this is the most impressive thing I have ever seen.You turned me into a true supporter! My guests LOVED talking with your staff, and two of my friends have already signed up with you for their weddings! You guys are AWSOME!!!! If you ever need a recommendation, I'll give you a 12 out of a 10star rating!!!!!

Lezlie Zimmer
December 11, 2004

At RSVPetc... we are very proud of the exceptional reputation we have earned in the past 13 years.
You can trust that we will provide you and your guests with service that is second to none!

Any business can list testimonials, but if you don't know who wrote them, they don't mean much of
anything. Our testimonials have names and contact information attached for your convenience.
Feel free to contact any of our brides and ask about their experiences with our service.

After all, this is one of the most important events in your life and should only be entrusted to professionals
who have the experience and the expertise to make sure that your wedding is everything you've dreamed of!

If there is one tip I could pass on to anyone getting married, it would be to use your service. I have never delt with a company that went so far out of their way to make me feel "special." I can't tell you how many guests made a point of mentioning how wonderful and kind your staff was when they called to RSVP. It's refreshing to know that there are still companies out there who actually care about their customers. Oprah was right, you can't get any better than this service. Michael and I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfullness.

Kinesha and Michael Brown
April 9, 2004