The staff at RSVP-etc is phenomenal! I was looking for a RSVP service that would handle my wedding and when I came across their website, the fact that they gave personal/live service 24/7 was amazing. My fiancée, Moniqua Myers, traveled for work during the week. Because I knew she wanted a fairy-tale wedding, I made a New Year's resolution, to her, to make sure she had the wedding of her dreams. So with that, I stepped up to the plate and did the majority of the planning, she only had to make the final decisions. Because I also had a full time job my time was limited. RSVP-etc had e-mail, telephone, and chat capabilities. I talked to them at all times of the day, 4:00 am, 9:00am, 2:00pm and sometimes at midnight. No matter what the mode of communication Lee and Kelly were always there waiting to talk to me sounding always awake and refreshed and may I say hospitable.

While working with RSVP-etc you can not help but build a relationship with them. They were so pleasantly surprised to meet a groom like me. I became affectionately known to their staff as "Super Groom." Their level of service is compared to none. The price that we paid for their service was considerably less than the price we would have paid for response cards and envelopes, stamps, and not to mention the phone calls we would have had to place to find out from our guest who would be attending our wedding. Actually, the price is a steal for the level of service and the personal attention that you receive. Lee and her staff were always there to give me advice and to just listen to me sometimes when I wanted to talk to someone.

All of my guest were very impressed with their service and the website and always asked me...where did you find that service? I was totally amazed with the website that they developed for our wedding. I just gave them the information and picture and they produced the most beautiful website for us. They found all directions to the church and the reception site. They linked our bridal registries to our website and always provided up to the minute updates of the guest list. Kelly was always ready to make updates and changes to the website. Her turn-around time was great. In closing, I do not know how Lee and her staff do it but, in my opinion, they have cornered the market as the ultimate RSVP service.

Maurice "Super Groom" Sawyer

Moniqua and Maurice Sawyer
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